Aircraft Rental

Traxair has a diverse fleet of late-model aircraft available for business or pleasure rental.  Complete with the most modern avionics, you have a wide choice of aircraft to fit your need.

Cleanliness is a significant indicator of a well-maintained fleet.  If you carefully inspect our aircraft, you’ll find that we care for our rental fleet just the way we care for our customer’s aircraft. Dirt, grim and grease left on any aircraft makes it difficult to see leaks, cracks, dents and other defects that might affect safety and performance.

Whether using wheel skirts to keep dirt out or maintaining regular inspections, we are committed to providing the safest planes and helicopters for our customers to rent.

As an added benefit, our insurance policy protects you from claims to pay for the cost (above our deductible) of repairs for damage to the aircraft you rent from us under most circumstances and renter’s liability coverage for you. This will reduce your cost of renter’s insurance by $1,500 per year or more. If you fly 75 hours per year, this savings amounts to $20 for each hour you fly each year. Ask us for more details.

Of course, All GPS and avionics databases are checked for currency and are updated on a regular schedule.  For more information and a full description of our rental opportunities call 727-755-1FLY or CLICK HERE to contact us.